Photographic Artist

Studio Info —

Bella Eve Art is the work of Photographer,

Bella McRae,

based in Edinburgh. 

Awards & Exhibitions

RAW Melbourne Showcase.          
December 8th 2016

CBCC - Digital Photographer of the Year 2015 - Runner Up

The Geelong National Art Gallery.
April / May  2015

VIGEX International Print Salon 2015 - Honourable Mention

Barrabool Hills Retreat & Gallery.    
February 2015 - Ongoing

Gordon Gallery, 2 Fenwick St, Geelong. September / October 2014



VIGEX International 2015 Catalogue

Geelong Advertiser - 2015 & 2014

Kaleidos Online Photographic Magazine. 2014




I have been working in Photography for almost 20 years with a brief hiatus somewhere in between. I reluctantly let go of film and moved into digital photography.

Having a great passion for art, I found digital to be a fantastic medium to create works of art from my photographs. 

Art has always been my emotional outlet and photography is my medium. I want to arouse the same sense of curiosity in other people. I want them to think and wonder about the image and fuel their imagination. I want to invoke the senses and make people feel something


Photography is an art of observation. I’ve found it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them
— Elliot Erwitt


I have a very curious nature. I like to explore, searching for something different, finding the hidden pockets of life in the cities I travel.

For me, Photography isn't just about capturing a moment in time, it’s about conveying the feeling of being there, the sense of what it meant for me and telling a story.

At present, I am concentrating on Urban Landscapes & Street Photography. Aside from shooting, I am looking at alternative print techniques to create a more artistic & original image from my work.

I would always appreciate any feedback & welcome questions regarding my images